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Word on the street

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Bringing Home the Bacon: A Visit to 694 Wine & Spirits Lingers the Morning After

Who needs breakfast when, with a simple toss of the head, you can catch a whiff of last night’s bacon?...

694 Wine & Spirits’ Inventory

In the space that formerly housed Juicy Wine Bar, the new owners have been making small changes for a few months, but never closing. The gradual remake culminates tomorrow when they hang the sign with their new name, 694 Wine & Spirits (694 N. Milwaukee Ave.; 312-492-6620). Here’s what you’ll find there...

Weekend Photos: 694 Wine & Spirits

On Saturday night, our photographer ventured over to 694 Wine & Spirits, the River West spot formerly known as Juicy Wine Company and a little piece of which our resident nightlife guru took home with her—in the form of bacon perfume—following a recent visit...
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Hang at 694 Wine & Spirits' Patio

RIVER WEST—Even though the wind has picked up a bit, 694 Wine & Spirits wants you to come hang on their patio right now to enjoy the warm weather...
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That’s the Spirits: Cheese, Whiskey and Hoosier Mama Pie

Spring is so close, you can almost taste it.

The back porch grilling. The cold beers. The prosciutto di parma.

(Your favorite springs are spent on the Amalfi Coast.)

But spring needs a nudge. So we present 694 Wine & Spirits, emerging this week from the cocoon of a humble wine bar to become the whiskey-soaked butterfly it was always meant to be...
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In The Spirit: An influx of craft booze at 694 Wine & Spirits

The transition from Juicy Wine Bar to 694 Wine & Spirits was largely uneventful. The space, menu and wine selection remain mostly unchanged.

The bar's biggest development under its new owners is of a more spirited sort. Now, 694 boasts an impressive, exciting list of lesser-known, small-batch booze.

Co-owner Chris Dunstatter, a long-time Juicy employee, has no intention of turning 694 into a cocktail bar. This isn't the place for a Moscow Mule, but Dunstatter will pour you Massachusetts-made bourbon, or add soda to your limestone-filtered Oregon vodka....
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Rare Booze and Cheap Eats at 694 Wine & Spirits: That's the (Artisanal) Spirit

694 Wine & Spirits is looking for thirsty bodies. Must appreciate small-batch spirits, simple cocktails, craft beer, and artisanal snacks.

If you’re as bubbly as Italian-imported Imper Ale, sweet as Lazzaroni Amaretto (brewed straight from amaretti cookies), fruit-forward as Goose Island Madame Rose, and will go nuts for Dumante pistachio liqueur, the heat is on.

Can swap pomegranate molasses for grenadine without thinking twice. Shaking your thang to nightly DJ beats is a plus. As comfortable on an outdoor patio as you are in a cushy booth — or better yet, chilling at the bar...
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What to Eat and Drink at 694 Wine & Spirits

With all the restaurant openings this week, we’ve kind of ignored two recent openings in the all important world of bars that serve good food. Seeing that it is Friday, we figured it was time to correct that mistake. First up is 694 Wine & Spirits, which was formally Juicy Wine Company. At first glance, the menu seems to be your average high end wine bar. There you'll see a small selection of olives, charcuterie, cheese, and paninis. But they have one unexpected highlight...
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694 Wine & Spirits Revamped

After months of small changes and tweaks, the conversion is complete. In the space that used to house the Juicy Wine Company, there are now new owners and a new name: 694 Wine & Spirits .

"First of all, the biggest difference is the attitude," said co-owner Chris Dunstatter. "We're fun, upbeat people. We're not snobs. We like everybody,"...
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694 Wine & Spirits

Eclectic, fun, upscale wine and small plate bar offering a warm, intimate, casual environment for Chicagoans of all walks of life. Retail wine, wine by the glass and bottle in-house, private parties, weekend DJs, and a smashing, killer upstairs patio in the warm months...